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Preventing Accidents, Mishaps, and Stupid Mistakes: Free ACPA Seminar at WOC 2020 This Wednesday, February 5th

NBIS Concrete Pumping Program Expert Kyle Rask to Present for ACPA at WOC 2020

What is a real day in the life as a concrete pumper like? Often, it’s filled with headaches caused by the fallout from unintentional actions from employees. 

I’m sure you can quickly think of an example from your own experience. From an operator who decided it was okay to set up on top of a septic system cover to autos that have to be repainted due to sprayed concrete, any number of mishaps can occur on the average concrete pumping job. 

I’ve even seen a brand new pump turned over on its first day out because the operator forgot to fold up the boom before retracting the outriggers.  

Sometimes these types of incidents are costly, and some may not seem to amount to much. However, over time, even minor costs end up having a dramatic impact on your bottom line. 

While you can’t totally eliminate employee carelessness, every accident is preventable. Our goal at NBIS is to protect you by helping you manage risk.

Join me, NBIS concrete pumping program manager Kyle Rask, for a free ACPA seminar at World of Concrete 2020. In this session I’ll explore some simple yet effective strategies to help you create a more accident-resistant environment.

Attendees will learn:

  • The true cost of most common accidents
  • How to alter your mindset and craft an approach that bolsters a culture of safety at your company
  • How to increase employee awareness and engagement
  • A process for implementing behavior-based modification programs that hold employees accountable and reward them for positive behavior

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Las Vegas Convention Center | Room N109

Register for the free seminar here.