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3 Things Agents Need to Know About NBIS

Trent Maner outlines need-to-know info for agents hoping to place commercial coverages for their clients.

As a member of the NBIS Business Development team, I’ve spent a lot of time working with new agents.

Over time, I’ve started to realize that unlike other insurance markets, NBIS is in a unique position. We’re able to help insurance agents build their business by being able to work with crane and rigging, concrete pumping, or specialized transportation clients for the first time.

The industries we specialize in, especially the crane and rigging field, is awash in new ventures. I constantly come across insurance agents who want to write this business but aren’t sure if they can.

They aren’t sure how to get started, and they fear they don’t know enough about the complex and risk-heavy crane and rigging, concrete pumping, and specialized transportation fields.

The good news that I get to share with them is that they don’t have to be industry experts, because we are.

Here are three things I think agents need to know about NBIS.

1.NBIS is an expert in the crane and rigging, concrete pumping, and specialized transportation fields and is chock-full of in-house knowledge.

Our leadership team has been intimately involved in these industries for decades. We know the ins and outs of regulations, the unique risks involved and how that impacts coverage needs, and how to write contracts for these fields that don’t leave their policyholders liable.

2. NBIS writes all lines on a nationwide basis and handles claims in-house from start to finish.

Simply put, no other market does this. We have a 24/7 claims hotline and will make sure that your claim is handled across all lines as rapidly and efficiently as possible, and we’ll advocate for you every step of the way. In a world where crane companies find themselves bearing the brunt of any accident on a job site (whether they were at fault or not), claims response like ours is priceless.

3. Our experience, strength, knowledge, and expertise in the crane and rigging, concrete pumping, and specialized transportation industries arms agents with the tools to write new business.

 If you’ve got a potential client in this field, we’ll meet with you in-person or virtually to ensure that you know everything you need to about how to get the account landed and the policy written. We hold educational sessions designed to help you understand the unique risks associated with crane and rigging, concrete pumping, and specialized transportation  business. In other words, we help you by adding our expertise to your team— whether that’s landing a new client or serving your existing ones.

This is just a fraction of how NBIS can serve as an asset to our agent and broker partners. Reach out to us anytime via email, phone (888-668-6247), or visit our website at