ONLINE SAFETY & HEALTH: Culture-shaping safety training. 

Having a safety program that you know and follow is good, but it isn’t enough. You also need the right safety culture. You need people who buy into the safety mindset. People well versed in OSHA regulations, workplace safety issues (like slips, trips, and falls and PPE) and rigging safety.

As an NBIS policyholder, you and your employees can participate in a variety of courses—anytime, anywhere, using a unique login—designed to enhance the safety culture within your organization. Courses range in topic and include courses such as: hand and power tool safety, fall protection, trenching and shoring, crane safety, cargo securement, and many other courses related to safety in construction environments.


  • Train anytime, anywhere 
  • Unique login 
  • Track completion and success rates
  • Assign courses based on importance 
  • Customize training



  • Crane Safety in Construction 
  • Aerial Lifts in Industrial and Construction 
  • ELD Basics
  • Cargo Securement 
  • Fall Protection 
  • Forklift Safety 
  • Safe Lifting in Construction Environments 
  • Lock Out/Tag Out
  • And much more.



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